Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes fall into three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The beginner mountain bike is designed for a combination of streets and paths. This type of bike is an outstanding choice for young adults, as well as anyone who wants a to go for the occasional short distance bike ride.

Intermediate mountain bikes are one of the most versatile bikes available. Ride them on streets or venture into the woods a few days a week; these bikes can pretty much do it all.

The advanced mountain bikes are built for the serious off road enthusiast. Bikes in this category have several iterations. Full suspended, 29’er, and hardtail, just to name a few, are all types of bikes that are designed to meet the needs of the advanced mountain biker. From cross-country epic to the North Shore, there is a bike in this category for every enthusiast.

We carry the following mountain bike brands: Gary Fischer

Check out some photo’s of mountain bikes we’ve sold:

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